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Believe to Achieve

[BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE] We must see to believe, right? I don’t think so.. I think we must believe to achieve 🙌 No one was born great Every champion had to work to get to where they are And while many gave up along the way, Champions kept going because they have a vision Champions can see the future They KNOW they’ll do great things They BELIEVE it in their heart So what ends up happening when you believe with all your soul you can do something and you never stop working towards it...? I think you already know 😉  MBPB COACH BLAINE

Is Newer Better?

Does 5 years of technology make a difference? I wondered the same thing So I built the modern version of my current set of irons and decided to test them out THE TEST 1️⃣First I tested my current 7 iron (2015) to get a baseline 2️⃣Then I hit the 2021 model with the same shaft from my 2015 set 3️⃣Then I tested 16 additional shafts on the new head The results were in 🙌 Lets look at the top 5 TOP 5 Out of the 17 combinations, my top 5 was filled with my current head/shaft combo and 4 new head/shaft combos WHAT MAKES THEM GOOD The success of the top 5 comes down to 3 key components 👉BALL SPEED 👉TRAJECTORY 👉LANDING ANGLE It’s all about getting the ball to fly in the optimal window for the shot you’re trying to hit CONCLUSION It was good to know that my old set still holds up with the new stuff Which is a good reminder that sometimes an older set can be just as good as a newer But It’s also comforting to know I can gain an extra few yards with different shafts The next step is going to s

The Elusive Hole-In-One

  THE ELUSIVE HOLE-IN-ONE Phoenix Waste Management Open Each year, over 700,000 spectators travel to Scottsdale, Arizona, with the hopes of seeing a hole-in-one at TPC Scottsdale during the Phoenix Waste Management Open Since 1987 there have been 26 aces during the tournament, including 9 on the 16th hole alone.  The most famous ace was by Tiger Woods in 1997 (aka the reason the grandstands are there!) The Loudest Hole in Golf Every year, the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale is surrounded by 16,000+ fans, eagerly waiting to watch the drama unfold The 16th is only 173 yards from the tips, and often plays even shorter, with most pros taking a wedge or 9-iron Because of this, the grandstands that surround the 16th hole are some of the most coveted seats in all of golf So much so that people will camp out all night for a chance to experience the loudest hole in golf and maybe even see an elusive hole-in-one How to make a hole-in-one Making a hole-in-one is part skill and part luck And while you