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Golf Fundamentals

The 🏆 may have gone to Koepka, but at 53 years old, I think the real winner was Stricker 🙌⛳️🏌️ In an age where SPEED and POWER seem to rule all, precision, finesse, and good fundamentals continue to prove key to playing great golf The 🔑 fundamentals you can never work on too much are... 1️⃣POSTURE - How you build your stance enhances or limits the shot you’re trying to hit. Building your stance to match the shot you envision is very important. But if your mobility is limited, and you’re unable to build your stance properly, you’ll likely compensate during your swing 2️⃣GRIP - There’s great debate behind the perfect grip. And while I don’t believe there’s one perfect grip, I do believe it’s one of the most important fundamentals one can master. Your grip is the only connection to the club which is why developing a grip that allows you to swing the club naturally is so important 3️⃣ALIGNMENT - the ball rarely goes perfectly straight. Which means you oftentimes have to aim away from t

Does Footwear Make a Difference?

Of all the things that can help your game, footwear seems to be one of the most overlooked Power in the golf swing is built from the ground up  How your feet interact with the ground largely influences your swing Good connection? 👉Stability 👉Power 👉Control Poor connection? 👉Compensation 👉Frustration 👉Injury When choosing a golf shoe you want to look for the following... 1️⃣ STABILITY- The lower you are to the ground, and the broader your base, the easier it’s going to be to generate power and remain stable. Bonus points if you get a golf shoe that’s “zero drop” meaning the heel and toe are the same height 2️⃣ LIGHTWEIGHT - Weight is more important for walkers than riders. But even if you ride, a lighter shoe can provide more comfort. Remember that one ounce on your feet is equivalent to six ounces on your back 😉  3️⃣ COMFORT - This seems obvious but comfort means something different to everyone. The important thing is that by the end of the round you’re not screaming at your sho