Does Footwear Make a Difference?

Of all the things that can help your game, footwear seems to be one of the most overlooked

Power in the golf swing is built from the ground up 

How your feet interact with the ground largely influences your swing

Good connection?

Poor connection?

When choosing a golf shoe you want to look for the following...

1️⃣ STABILITY- The lower you are to the ground, and the broader your base, the easier it’s going to be to generate power and remain stable. Bonus points if you get a golf shoe that’s “zero drop” meaning the heel and toe are the same height

2️⃣ LIGHTWEIGHT - Weight is more important for walkers than riders. But even if you ride, a lighter shoe can provide more comfort. Remember that one ounce on your feet is equivalent to six ounces on your back 😉 

3️⃣ COMFORT - This seems obvious but comfort means something different to everyone. The important thing is that by the end of the round you’re not screaming at your shoes for making your feet and back hurt 🤦‍♂️ 

☝️ BONUS: CONSISTENCY - At the end of the day, one of the most important things is to try and wear the same or similar footwear every time you play. Dramatic changes in footwear can change how you swing the club. 

This is exactly why I took my golf shoes off for the back 9 today. I’ve been practicing all winter in minimalist shoes so today when I put on my golf shoes with new spikes, my toes were 1” taller and my heels were 1.5” taller than I’ve been practicing in. The result? 5 topped shots on the front 9 🤦‍♂️ 

What about when I took my shoes off and played barefoot? Shaved 7 strokes off my front 9 score! 

This is not to say you should play barefoot, but rather to stay consistent 

👇Whats do you wear when you play? Comment below 👇



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